How Do I Use the Campaign Precheck Summary Page?

The Campaign Precheck summary page is a comprehensive report on your entire Campaign Precheck workflow. This page allows you to compare your original HTML to the modified HTML, download the assets, launch an email test, create a unique title for this test so that it can be easily found in your inbox, and it summarizes each feature and alerts you to any areas you may have overlooked.

  • Access the summary page by clicking next following spam. Or at the bottom of the menu, at any point during your workflow, click directly on Summary & HTML.

Select Summary and HTML

  • Scroll down the page and review your Campaign Precheck details. Each feature in your custom workflow will appear and each step within will have status.
    • Green checkmark – completed
    • Gray ‘x’ – did not include
    • Yellow exclamation point – does not meet our recommendations.
  • If you would like to return to any of the features, click on the menu in the top left and select the area you wish revisit.

Campaign Precheck Details

  • Once you have reviewed your details, create a unique name for this test so that it can be easily located within your inbox.
  • Click on space beside the pencil icon and type in a title.

Create a title for your campaign precheck

  • To view your original HTML and the new, updated HTML click on, See Code Changes.

See Code Changes

  • From here, you may review the changes line-by-line; the original HTML is displayed on the left and the modified HTML is displayed on the right.
  • Once finished click, Back to Summary.

Reviewing the code changes in the summary page

  • Click Download Assets to download any modified images, gifs, and to save a pdf of both the original and modified HTML.

download assets

  • Once you have reviewed your Campaign Precheck, you can launch directly into an email test by clicking Action and selecting, Launch Email Test.

Launching an email test from campaign precheck

Congratulations, this concludes your Campaign Precheck! If you have any additional questions or any resources you would like to see, please include a comment in the box below.



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