How can I use the Mark-Up tool?

The Mark-Up tool allows you to draw, comment, reply and share ideas within the actual email test previews environment.

We provide you with a canvas that overlays the screenshot preview image so that your team can collaborate with better efficiency and hone your email to perfection before being launched. In addition to that, you can add commentary to each instance every time you save your canvas.

To use Mark-Up:

  1. When viewing an email test, click on an individual screenshot
  2. On the image, click the blue pencil icon in the
    top right under ‘Create New’ or press ‘M’ as a hotkey
  3. A new window will display with your canvas options
  4. After choosing your options, begin drawing!
  5. Once you stop drawing, an option to include a comment will appear
    in the field to the right of the canvas image
    • Select ‘Save Canvas’ to save your Mark-Up and notes
    • Select ‘Clear Canvas’ to delete your recent drawings
    • Select the Trash icon to delete your entire Mark-Up entry
    • Select the black ‘X’ at the top left to close the Mark-Up overlay


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