Filtering Your Dashboard Inbox

Email on Acid provides a variety of testing, tracking and creation tools for users to improve their email workflow. Sometimes it’s important to be able to view only certain kinds of submissions, and for that you’ll want to filter your dashboard inbox

How do I filter my dashboard inbox?

While logged in to your account, head to your dashboard inbox display. At the top right of the inbox display you will see “Show:” followed by several icons.

Each icon represents a ‘type’ of submission: 

Green envelope: Email Test

Orange no symbol: Spam Test

Blue graph: Analytics Campaign

Yellow camera: Web Page Previews

Pink grid: Mozified emails

Purple writing pad: Email Editor projects

Grey envelope: Stored Emails/Inbox Test

To filter your results, click on 1 or more of the icons and your inbox will be restricted to showing only those types of submissions. For example, clicking the green envelope and the blue graph would show you only your Email Tests and Analytics Campaigns.

Filtering can be used to help you easily compare Analytics Campaigns side by side as well. Simply filter your results to display only Analytics Campaigns, and select up to 5 campaigns at once. Then click the 2 opposing arrows located directly beneath your filtering icons.