Check for blocklisted domains within Campaign Precheck

Having blocklisted domains in the content of your email can hinder its ability to reach your subscriber’s inbox. In this step, every URL in your email will be tested across four popular vendors. This will give you a comprehensive view on whether any of them are blocklisted. Ensuring that your links are clean improves user experience and keeps your emails going to the inbox and avoiding the spam folder.

  • Access the domain blocklist feature by clicking Next following spell check; or within the deliverability section of Campaign Precheck, you can click directly on Domain Blocklist to begin.

Select Domain Blocklist

  • The domain blocklist process will be summarized on the left side of the screen. Your email will render on the right. To learn about the special features in the right panel, click here.
  • When you are ready to begin click, Next.

Domain Blocklist information and click next

  • This screen will outline your domain blocklisting validation. On the right, you will see each domain found within your email and whether or not it has been blocklisted.
  • Click Details next to each domain for more information.

View domain blocklisting validation.

Acid Tip: Use the notes provided to assist in resolving issues, then, if necessary, you can Check Domains Again.


Once finished, click Next to move onto the next step within Campaign Precheck’s deliverability features.  To see the guide for spam testing, click here.



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