Can I use the EOA image links for my final send?

That’s a great question! Yes you can host images using Email on Acid. We offer free image storage and hosting via our Email editor tool. We store images for 2 years. We will not modify or alter your media in anyway. We don’t own the copyright to your media; we are simply providing a means of storage.

By adding your media to our service, you acknowledge that it will be publicly accessible. At this time, we do not offer private hosting.
This information can also be found in our privacy policy which can be found

The image library can be found in the Email Editor tool. Once you have processed your HTML and are in the Editor tool the image library can be found in the second box.

If you select this it will bring up a window with the image library from here you can browse your computer to add images to your library so you can insert them into your code.

If your existing campaigns were sent with images hosted in this library, be cautious to delete as this will “break” those emails; the images will no longer be available.