Campaign Precheck Spell Check

The next step of Campaign Precheck will review spelling and allow you to correct mistakes in your email title, inbox display, preheader text, alt text, and body copy. Spell Check also identifies words that may be offensive.

We currently offer Spell Check in North American English, but you may click on Other Language to leave feedback for us on what other languages we should consider supporting in the future. To begin the process, click on English (USA).

The Spell Check process is summarized on the left side of the screen, and your email will render on the right. Each potential spelling correction is highlighted in red, and below will be suggested words. Click on the suggested words to correct the error, and then click Change. If the word is correct, you can click Ignore .

If Spell Check  identifies a word that may be spelled correctly, but is a potential profanity , we will notify you with a yellow warning symbol. You can type the correct word in the Body Element box and click Change. If the word was intentional, you can click Ignore.

When you see “Congrats! Your Spell Check is complete!”, you can click Next to continue with the Campaign Precheck flow, which if following our default flow will be Domain Blacklist.