Campaign Precheck Spam Check

It is important to spam check every email due to ever-changing algorithms that may inadvertently cause your messages to hit the spam folder instead of the inbox. Our test looks at the content of your email that may cause spam delivery such as:

  • Blacklisted URLs in the email or its content.
  • Misleading subject lines. Very image-heavy email content.
  • Spelling and grammar issues.
  • Missing unsubscribe link in the footer.
  • Spam trigger words, subject line (too long or too short), or a sender email address that has been blacklisted

To start the Spam Test, check that the subject line appears as intended. Then click Run Spam Test. (Please allow time for the results to populate as it can take up to 30 seconds to display)

Once the spam test is complete, you will see the results on the right side of the screen. You will be able to see B2B, B2C, and Overall success summarized in the graphs at the top.

You can click Expand to see your results, which may be any of three different categories:

When you are finished with the spam check, click Next to go to the summary for your entire Campaign Precheck project.