Advanced Email Analytics

Comprehensive email analytics and reporting, all in one place.

Opens and clicks don’t tell the whole story. That’s why we work with your email service provider to track and report even more.

Dig into our email analytics to learn the answers to when, where, how long and in what client your emails are being viewed.

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Our email analytics suite works with any email service provider.

Campaign Monitor

Engagement Activity

See how many people are reading, forwarding and deleting your emails and track that data daily.

Heat Map & Click Track

Identify patterns of reader activity and optimize the placement of your call to action.

Geolocation Reporting

Know where your email is being opened, read, deleted and more.

Email Client Platforms

Learn which email clients and mobile devices your customers use, including the client version, operating system and browser.

Engagement Reporting

Are your emails actually being read?

There’s a difference between being opened and being read. Uncover exactly how long subscribers interact with your email. Then use that information to ensure every campaign is better than the last.

Engagement Reporting Chart

Email Client Tracking

What email client or device is being used?

Outlook or Gmail? iPhone or Android? Don’t guess, know. Track client and device usage to focus your testing and optimization efforts where they really matter.

Client Reporting Chart
Ryan Butters

Not only does Email on Acid provide email rendering, they also provide a top notch email tracking service that has many features that other companies do not.

Click Tracking & Heat Mapping

Are you optimizing your content placement?

Visualize subscriber activity to better understand how customers interact with your emails. Use that insight to aid decision-making and maximize the placement of future content.

Benchmark Comparison

How do your campaigns compare side by side?

Incentives. Send time. Clever calls to action. Many elements influence a campaign’s success. Use our benchmark comparison tool in conjunction with your email analytics results to evaluate your campaigns against each other. Then hone in on your most effective strategies.

Campaign Comparison Legend
Opens Comparison Chart
Engagement Comparison Chart


Where are your emails being opened?

Do you have a global audience? Should you use time zones in your deployment strategy? Take segmentation to the next level with our detailed geographic data.

Forwards & Prints

Forwards & Prints

How did people interact with your email?

Did you offer a free download or coupon as an incentive? We track all of the interactions your audience has with your email and include them in our daily activity report.

Track Daily Activity

Track Daily Activity

View behavior in real time.

Track exactly when your email is being opened, clicked, forwarded or printed. Then set future send times based on when your readers are most active and engaged.

Download Your Data

Download Your Data

Endless access to your reports.

Download a CSV file for your records or share charts and graphs with your team. Compare results over time, too, as we store the reports indefinitely. That’s right. For-ev-er.