Our New Servers Are Up and Running – Be On the Lookout for DNS Caching

Over the past weekend (September 10th) we migrated our servers to our new, redundant server configuration. One small step for Email on Acid, one giant step closer to our ultimate plan of providing the best possible email testing service.

In completing this process, we were forced to make some DNS changes. We made those changes on Friday night which is our slowest time of the week. It generally takes between 2 to 48 hours DNS changes to propogate. That process has been completed but some people are reporting intermittent issues when trying to view our website. This is most likely caused by DNS caching.

If you receive a 401 error or you see our maintenance screen, try clearing your DNS cache:


Go to a command prompt and type: ipconfig /flushdns


Go to the terminal and type: dscacheutil -flushcache


In Linux, the nscd daemon manages the DNS cache. To flush the DNS cache, restart the nscd daemon. To restart the nscd daemon, use the command `/etc/init.d/nscd restart`

As always, don’t hesitate to contact us if this does not resolve your issue and stay tuned for more specifics regarding our new infrastructure.


Author: Email on Acid

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