Responsive Design Template Update

We would like to respond to an article written by Stamp Ready in regard to a Responsive Design Template that we published on our blog a few months ago. In their article, they imply that we stole their template and put it up on our website for free.

Many of our readers ask us how to make their 1, 2, and 3 column layouts “responsive.” To address this need, we found inspiration from the web, and developed a “how to tutorial.” We later learned that the layout we used to draw inspiration from was being sold on Theme Forest for profit.

We had re-written the source code and had thoroughly documented our findings and research. At no time did we ever intend to cause harm to anyone, nor did we intend to take credit for the layout or work of art. We genuinely meant for this material to be educational and for others to learn from our coding methodologies.

We have since updated our template and have reached out to Stamp Ready in hopes to resolve this issue. As we stated from the very beginning, we were more than happy to re-design our layout to be more original. Once again Stamp Ready, our deepest apologies, it was never our intention to infringe upon your work in any way and we encourage you to publish the complete source of our original template so that readers can see that our versions were, in fact, considerably different.

Author: Email on Acid

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