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Over the years we have built up a community of email marketers, coders and designers that live and breathe email.

Use the Email on Acid Forum like your virtual water cooler: Stop by to discuss email code, quirky clients and fixes and post your issues (with an example of the code) for our community to offer its assistance.

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This form is intended for questions, comments, error reporting, and/or new feature requests for Email on Acid.
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This forum is for asking questions and sharing recommendations on how to design and construct HTML emails that render correctly in all of the popular email clients.
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Post questions, comments, or suggestions specifically relating to any of the popular email clients.
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Find the sharpest developers and designers from our Email on Acid community! Project managers may post their jobs (free), designers and/or developers may post their qualifications. Note: We do not qualify either party, please negotiate project specifics and payment terms outside of this forum.
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Share your comments and questions regarding Mozify.
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