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Accessibility and Dark Mode: The Latest Buzz Words

Here at Email on Acid I’ve been hearing the words Dark Mode a lot lately. And Accessibility is an important issue for our CEO John Thies, so when he asked me to see if it’s possible to change the colors of an email using code when it renders in Dark Mode—and have it stay accessible—I … Continue reading “Accessibility and Dark Mode: The Latest Buzz Words”

Dark Mode for Email: What it is and How to Cope

What is Dark Mode? Come to the dark side, we have cookies. There is a challenge rising for email marketers, and it isn’t going away. It’s Dark Mode for email. Dark Mode is an accessibility setting that shifts the interface’s color palette to display content in high contrast using dark background colors and light foreground. … Continue reading “Dark Mode for Email: What it is and How to Cope”

Emails That Make Our Inbox Smile

It goes without saying, 2019 was a great year for email. We saw a few bad emails sure, but we also read some amazing ones. There were lots of “favorite” emails floating around our inboxes at Email on Acid. To kickoff the new year we decided to spotlight some of our top picks. So buckle … Continue reading “Emails That Make Our Inbox Smile”