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Take Your Email QA to a Whole New Level with Campaign Precheck


This post was updated on March 27, 2019. It was originally published in November 2018.

When it comes down to it, email QA and testing can be a daunting, time-consuming task. So much goes into this process that it warrants a dedicated email checklist. The email landscape is constantly changing, and the combination of different email clients and devices means your email could render thousands of different ways.

That’s why we’re on a mission to simplify the email QA process and provide a robust, streamlined platform that can save you time, protect your brand’s reputation, and help improve your email marketing ROI.

Campaign Precheck is a guided email checklist that gives you the ability to fix email mistakes during the QA process, even if you don’t know HTML. It helps ensure you’re creating a message that every subscriber  – including those with visual impairments – can read and understand.

We’ve been in the email game a while now, and we understand that anxiety email marketers and developers feel before hitting send. With Campaign Precheck, our goal is to take the anxiety out of sending emails. We want to be there to help you through the process of email QA whether you know code or not, so you can feel confident that your email will look great everywhere.

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Features in Campaign Precheck

The Campaign Precheck workflow currently includes seven QA steps for complete email content checking and deliverability:

Content Checking steps:

Deliverability steps:

We’ll get into details about each of these new tools in a second. First, we wanted to highlight one of the most exciting features of Campaign Precheck: The ability to fix your email code within the Email on Acid platform while working through the QA steps.

That’s right – you won’t need to re-start your QA process every time you need to adjust a piece of your email.

And if you’re not a coding expert, no worries. We’ll help you out along the way and, in some cases, fix the code for you – there’s no need to be an HTML pro to use these new tools.

Oh, and one more thing – we’ve included these powerful tools in every subscription plan.

Content Checking

Inbox Display

What do job interviews, first dates and marketing emails all have in common? The first impression can make or break their success.

The first step of your email checklist is the first impression you’ll make in the inbox.

Preheader text is the text that shows up next to the subject line in an inbox preview. It can give more context to the subject line and help convince a subscriber to open your message.

Campaign Precheck’s tool allows you to preview your preheader and subject line in 15 of the most popular email clients, so you can make sure your first impression is spot-on.

Campaign Precheck preheader preview
Campaign Precheck’s preheader text preview.

Email Accessibility Check

According to the World Health Organization, roughly 1.3 billion people worldwide live with a visual impairment. That’s a lot of potential email subscribers. Why not make sure your message can reach them?

Campaign Precheck’s accessibility checklist walks you through nine pieces of your email and helps you make your message more accessible. In some cases, we’ll be helping you optimize the email so it can be easily read by assistive devices or screen readers, such as setting table roles, adding alt text, or specifying a language.

Campaign Precheck accessibility check
Email on Acid’s Campaign Precheck accessibility workflow.

Our accessibility check will also scan your design and check that it can be read and understood by subscribers with visual impairments. We’ll look at contrast ratio, text size, link styling and more.

We’ve talked a lot about accessibility in the past and it’s something we’re truly passionate about, so we’re especially excited to offer this tool that will help you make your emails more accessible.

URL Validation

Broken URLs can seriously hurt an email campaign. Sure, your email may reach subscribers, but if they can’t click your call-to-action and see your product or offering, the email won’t bring the ROI you need.

Campaign Precheck’s URL validation tool will scan your message and verify that your URLs and redirects load successfully. The tool also gives you the power to upload a spreadsheet with all your email’s URLs, which we can check against your HTML.

UTM Validation

Campaign parameters (also called UTM codes) are a crucial part of an email marketing campaign. It’s a string of text at the end of a website link that looks something like this:

UTM codes allow Google Analytics to track website users who come from different sources, channels or content. This gives marketers insight into how subscribers engage with their website and, ultimately, if those subscribers convert. Campaign parameters also give marketers the ability to track details about specific emails to inform future campaigns.

Campaign Precheck’s UTM validation tool streamlines your QA process by scanning your email links for UTMs and flagging any codes that you may have missed or incorrectly tagged.

Correcting or adding UTMs with Campaign Precheck is easy, too. The platform will walk you through the process and update the links in your HTML for you, so you don’t have to go back to an email editor or developer to adjust.

Campaign Precheck URL validation
Campaign Precheck’s URL validation tool.

Image Validation and Optimization

Campaign Precheck’s image validation tool helps ensure your email images will look great on every platform, so every subscriber can interpret and engage with your message regardless of the email client he/she is using.

We’ll also help you optimize GIFs for your email and give you the opportunity to optimize the first frame of your GIF, which is what will display if the email client isn’t GIF-compatible.

Campaign Precheck image validation
Campaign Precheck’s image validation tool.

Image Optimization

The Image Validation feature also includes image optimization, as well. With this tool, you can improve email deliverability and boost engagement by optimizing your images for better download speeds. Image Optimization will:

  • Detect the size of each email image and the download speeds for 3G, 4G, LTE and desktop.
  • Show a download map with the full email download speeds across different networks.
  • Optimize (compress) images that are too large.
  • Provide hosting for the new, optimized images (if needed). No storage limits!

Spell Check

The spell check tool saves email marketers time while helping protect their brand reputation. It will find misspelled words in your email message and allow you to fix them directly in the app.

Campaign Precheck’s spell check scans both the visible and invisible parts of your email. It looks email copy as well as alt text, the email title and the preheader text, helping make the email QA process more efficient and accurate.


Domain Blocklist Check

Campaign Precheck’s deliverability tool will review your email for any blocklisted domains. This is one of the major red flags for spam filters. The blocklist check will scan all domains in your email and run them through 72 of the most common blocklist sites. Then, it will show you whether your domains are safe or if they’re on any blocklists.

The point of this check is to allow you to know which, if any, domains are on a blocklist and the blocklist site. When you go to send an email, spam filters compare the domains in your email to those on blocklists in order to separate malicious messages from safe ones. When a spam filter finds a domain on a blocklist, the email is much more likely to hit spam folders, not inboxes.

Your workflow, however, will not remove any domains from a blocklist if you find yours on one. Since blocklist websites are independently-owned, each has its own process for domain removal requests. You’ll have to visit the blocklist site and go through their process in order to remove your domain.

Spam Test

Finally, before you’re ready to run an email test and preview the final message, run a spam test in Campaign Precheck. The spam test will check your email against 23 of the most common spam filters for red flag indicators. Afterwards, it will provide you with easy-to-read graphs with instant stats on deliverability.

Email on Acid deliverability graph
Email on Acid checks business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) spam filters. As you can see here, B2B filters can be a bit more difficult to get through.

What kind of content will trigger a spam red flag? Here’s a handy infographic with spam triggers to avoid.

Once you’re happy with your deliverability results, your email checklist is complete.

Email Previews

For those of you wondering about our existing Email on Acid tools – we’ve still got ‘em! Once you finish your Campaign Precheck content checking and deliverability checklist, you can instantly preview your email on 80+ email clients and devices and analyze your results with Advanced Email Analytics.

Stay Tuned

Do you think this is it for us? No way! We’ll be working hard on improving this new toolkit and adding features to Campaign Precheck in the coming months. Make sure you stay tuned to our blog, sign up for our newsletter, or follow us on social (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) to stay up-to-date on exciting developments.

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Author: Email on Acid

The Email on Acid blog is on a mission to share email best practices, industry news, and solutions to most annoying email client bugs. Plus, we like to have a little fun along the way. Learn how to join the party and contribute to our blog.

Author: Email on Acid

The Email on Acid blog is on a mission to share email best practices, industry news, and solutions to most annoying email client bugs. Plus, we like to have a little fun along the way. Learn how to join the party and contribute to our blog.

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