Hexadecimal vs. RGB Values in HTML Emails

2 thoughts on “Hexadecimal vs. RGB Values in HTML Emails”

  1. “In summary, it is best to avoid using rgb(255,0,0) values…”

    If the conclusion that only a small % cannot use RGB values, therefore the rest of the world shouldn’t use RGB values…? isn’t a summary, but rather an opinionated statement on how to incorrectly use these facts that you’ve gathered.

    The actual statement should be… “Don’t color BORDERS with RGB. else using them is fine all over, with the exception of the .04% of users who use outdated email programs such as Lotus.

  2. I think the conclusion, as always, is for us to figure out what meets our needs. If you are sending business to business emails, Lotus may be holding you down to full hex values. If you have a .01% Lotus user base, then it probably isn’t a big deal and you can use RGB color codes.

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