Email on Acid the MSNBC Website of the Week!


We wanted to start out by giving a special thanks to the team over at MSNBC’s “Your Business” show for selecting our site as their Website of the Week!

If you didn’t catch the segment, feel free to watch the video below, or watch it on Vimeo.

JJ Ramberg starts the segment by guessing that a lot of her viewers use email to communicate with their customers and users.

We’re betting that she’s absolutely right, and we’d like to thank her for stressing the importance of pre-flight rendering and SPAM checks, as well as pointing out that EOA does more than provide screenshots, we provide insights into the discrepancies discovered. We offer blacklist testing for mail servers, as well as our new tool, Mozify, which can significantly improve the click through rates of emails. With our affordable pricing, we’re here to help small businesses succeed.

Although we won’t let it go to our heads, we’re pretty excited about our site’s television debut!

Author: Email on Acid

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