Are you an email design rock star?

Are you an Email Design Rock Star? Become an EOA Resource.

Calling All Email Experts!

Are you an Email Design Rock Star? Become an EOA Resource. Every day our support team is bombarded with questions regarding email coding. While some of the issues are quick fixes, there are also a lot of questions better suited for our community of rock star coders and developers. Sharing your knowledge of coding is crucial, that is why we are putting together a resource page on our website to list our most trusted and tested email designers. With our stamp of approval, we can help get the word out about your company to show that you crush it in your field. It might just get you some extra work, too! Want to get on the list? If you are a member of Email on Acid and think you have the chops for adapting templates, creating custom email designs and/or trouble-shooting coding problems, we’d love for you to drop us a line. Simply fill out the contact form to put your name in the running. We are also always on the lookout to crown our next Designer Spotlight. We will feature your work on our blog and will give you the praise you deserve. Be sure and get in touch with us, we know you have some great tricks of the trade your peers are dying to see!