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Email Accessibility: How to Captivate and Connect with Every Subscriber [Webinar]


Email accessibility: It’s not the sexiest email topic to talk about, but it’s certainly one of the most important.

Roughly 330 million people worldwide live with a visual impairment, which amounts to more than five percent of the world’s population. Now, think about how many of those people are opening emails every day – are any of those emails coming from your business or organization?

Email on Acid CEO John Thies outlined email accessibility best practices in a recent webinar with our friends at Net Atlantic. During his presentation, Thies discussed ways email developers and marketers can create emails for users with low acuity, cataracts, dyslexia and color blindness.

setting the presentation role in accessible email
Using the role = “presentation” code tells the screen reader that the content isn’t a data table, but a presentation table. This code makes reading email content more intuitive for screen readers.


The webinar included topics around accessible design, coding for accessibility, accessible rich internet applications (ARIA), and the future of digital assistants in email marketing.

Looking to learn more about accessible email? Check out the full webinar recording in the link below:

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