Easy integration and trouble-free maintenance.

Our one-of-a-kind widget creator allows you to provide instant access to your customers.

We handle the ongoing maintenance for you - no muss, no fuss. Create as many widgets as you want for different sections of your website or for specific internal email testing and previewing purposes.

It takes less than 30 minutes to implement! The following features are included:

Email Testing

Real screenshots, real fast!
We manage hundreds of servers and mobile devices to deliver you the fastest results possible. Results start to come in within 20 seconds and are completed within 5 minutes.

Deliverability Testing

Pre-deployment analysis in 18 of the most popular SPAM filters.
Pass/fail feedback in Google Apps, SpamAssassin, Barracuda, and DKIM as well as details for each filter setting.

Developer Tools

Resources for resolving issues - fast!
We provide optional code validation, code analysis, tips & tricks, CSS conversion and code optimization tools for HTML emails. Everything your customers need to correct and resolve issues as fast as humanly possible!

  • Simple Integration

    In our 10 minute demo above, we create two unique widgets. That's how fast and simple it is to integrate this API!

    We'll provide sample code, sandbox access, and unlimited support to make the process as seamless as possible.

  • Maintenance Free

    New features and functionality are made available as we release them. You don't have to do any complex programming on your end in order to release those features to your end customers.

    Product updates are provided as they come out and there are no hidden charges - everything is included in your original contract agreement.

  • Create Multiple Widgets

    Create as many widgets as you want for multiple different purposes. For instance, you can create one widget that generates email previews and a second that does SPAM testing only.

    Each widget is customizable, you decide what features you'd like to make available to your end customers.

"Love the product - instantly made our product more professional, and the blog posts on email formatting and deliverability are insanely helpful."

Chris Boran~ VP, Engineering, Ziptr