Your customers, your brand.

Built on RESTful Web Services, this integration method allows you to take complete control over the way you display, archive, and track each API request.

We'll provide a standard user interface and HTML framework for displaying test results, however, this is not a requirement. You are welcome to integrate our products and features into your workflow based on your technical requirements and business methodology.

This integration method is completely customizable.
Gain access to any or all of the following features:

Email Previews

Real screenshots, real fast!
We manage hundreds of servers and mobile devices to deliver you the fastest results possible. Results start to come in within 20 seconds and are completed within 5 minutes.

Deliverability Testing

Pre-deployment analysis in 18 of the most popular SPAM filters.
Pass/fail feedback in Postini, SpamAssasin, Barracuda, and DKIM as well as details for each filer setting.

Developer Tools

Resources for resolving issues - fast!
We provide optional code validation, code analysis, tips & tricks, CSS conversion and code optimization tools for HTML emails. Everything your customers need to correct and resolve issues as fast as humanly possible!

"Love the product - instantly made our product more professional, and the blog posts on email formatting and deliverability are insanely helpful."

Chris Boran~ VP, Engineering, Ziptr
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