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as low as


Integration Option:

Widget API

White Label: Monthly

as low as


Integration Options:

Widget API

White Label: Pay-as-you-go


(minimum $200/month)

Integration Option:


Click here to compare the Widget vs. the RESTful integration options.

Each Include:

  • 48 Email Client Previews

    Horizontal & Vertical Mobile Previews

    18 SPAM Filters

  • 72 Popular Blacklists

    Code Analysis

    Tips & Tricks

  • Link Validation

    Spell Check

    Code Validation

  • Documentation & Samples

    FREE Updates

    Redundancy on each Client

"Email on Acid has exceeded our expectations. They give us excellent
customer support and they are always reachable when we need them."

Jennea Bono ~ Arizona Golf Association
  • Includes all features
  • White-label start form and submit button
  • Results page uses EOA domain and HTML framework
  • Results page uses your domain. (HTML framework available on request)
  • You can store test results for archiving purposes

Widget vs. RESTful Integration Methods

  • Widget API (most popular)
  • RESTful API
  • Benefits:
  • 1.) Simple Integration - takes less than 10 minutes. Here's a quick demo.
  • 2.) We maintain the test results page. Updates are included in each new release
  • 3.) A very efficient way to determine the interest level of your user base.
  • Benefits:
  • 1.) More complex integration, but you have complete control over the branding, messaging and workflow.
  • 2.) Updates and new features must be integrated by your team.

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