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5 Reality Checks for Every Email Marketer

To help you open your eyes to the many ways email marketing (the process and your results) can be better, we teamed up with stensul to bring you 5 Reality Checks for Every Email Marketer.

Accessibility in Email

Make Your Emails Accessible for Your Customers. Accessibility based marketing is crucial for your business, and needed for your emails. Alex Ilhan and John Thies dive into the simplicities and complexities of accessibility.

The Art of the Click

Adobe and Email on Acid break down email data and what makes email successful. Knowing your audience, and judging your data is key. Learn more with this white paper.

Interactive Email Guide

In this guide we’ll break down the 5 cutting edge coding techniques to make your email interactive and you audience engaged. Plus, we’ll touch on the limits of interactivity, fallback strategy and the importance of testing!

Using Data to Create Great Email Experiences in 2017

In the recording we made with Adobe we break down: Two years of email data pulled from 40,000 email campaigns, critical elements of an engaging email, and how to drive your email strategy in 2017.

Emailology – Responsive Email Template

Coded from scratch and tested across all of our email clients, desktops and mobile devices this template looks fantastic in every inbox. Easily customize it to fit your branding needs.

Gmail’s Responsive Email Updates

Learn what these updates mean for you, as well as 6 tips on how to adapt your emails to the new changes. Want the slides? You can access them here:

Email Design Essentials – Your Questions Answered

On the webinar we discuss some of the most pressing design questions that email marketers are asking, including: • How can marketers use animation in email effectively? • What are the top 5 CTA best practices? • What are bulletproof buttons and why should I be using them? • How has mobile influenced email layout? … Continue reading “Email Design Essentials – Your Questions Answered”

CSS Animation Guide

In this guide we’ll give you a complete breakdown of CSS animation for email. Don’t let CSS animation intimidate you, this will put your mind at ease.

Dynamic Content Guide

Learn how dynamic content will keep you customers engaged and in turn, make you business more competitive. We’ll provide an exquisite, responsive and dynamic email template absolutely free that works in conjunction with LiveIntent. Enjoy!

Download “Seashells” v2.0 – Our Free Responsive Email Template

Our first responsive email template was and continues to be so popular (over 23,623 downloads and counting) that we knew it was time to create v2.0. In addition to all the new email features and functionality, our new “Seashells” template also includes MailChimp and Campaign Monitor versions, compatible with their WYSIWYG editors!

Get Started with Email on Acid

Get the ins and outs of EOA’s self-serve email testing platform so you can get up and running in minutes. On the webinar learn how to test your emails, run a spam test, set up advanced analytics campaigns and much, much more.

The Definitive Guide to Preheader Text in Email

This guide breaks down the basics of coding and executing stellar preheader text, so you can begin to use this prime email real estate as an email open booster and conversion-driver. Take a read through and start to optimize your preheader text today.

Open Rate Optimization

If no one opens your email, all of your metrics will suffer. Our Open Rate Optimization guide gives you seven ways to get in front of your customer and make sure your message is heard.

Responsive Winter Wonder Template

An estimated 66 percent of emails are being opened on mobile devices. That’s why we paired up with Email Monks again to bring you an exquisite, mobile-friendly template that, with some awesome coding techniques, will make your call to action pop right off the page!

5 Ways to Improve Your Email Campaigns

The struggle for attention in the inbox is real. But don’t despair, here are five easy ways to improve your email marketing efforts to get better results.

Outlook Coding Guide

Our master coding guide for Outlook will help you build emails compatible with this cumbersome client. In it, we break down the most common Outlook coding problems and arm you with the knowledge to fix them.

Going Responsive: The What, Why and How of Responsive Design

Almost half of all email opens in 2015 are occurring on mobile devices. This guide gives a brief overview of responsive design and shares four case studies showing how mobile-friendly emails can boost your bottom line.

Reducing Send Button Anxiety

In this webinar, we uncovered the steps you can take, both before and after you deploy your email campaign, to lower your stress and increase your ROI.

The Truth About Spam Traps

Finally understand spam traps, their associated risks and the practices that should be followed to avoid them. Then discover what to do if spam traps creep into your otherwise legitimate mailing list.