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Our (quick) story

When we started this company, email development was anything but easy. The internet was full of resources for web developers, but we could hardly find anything to help email developers. So we set out to create a service that would make it easy to find and fix email problems, and give developers and marketers a place to talk about email. We love email (obviously), and are dedicated to making email testing and marketing as simple as possible.

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The Email on Acid Team

John Thies at work

John Thies


John is the man behind the scenes who makes sure everything is running smoothly. He loves all things technology, from programming to tinkering with mobile devices to reading the latest issue of Wired magazine.

Michelle Klann at work

Michelle Klann


A Jackie of all trades, Michelle (aka Miki) specializes in design and has been known to knock down some pretty nifty, object oriented, JS applications. Mozify, anyone?

Tonniel Chin at work

Tonniel Chin

Software Engineer

Tonniel is always looking for a problem to solve, including how to finally beat his colleagues in Nerf HORSE. And, though he knows it sounds crazy, he's waiting for the day he can finally teach his sons calculus.

Allan Patterson at work

Allan Patterson

Software Engineer Lead

Allan is a technical problem solver who loves learning and helping others learn. When he isn't coding, he enjoys playing video and board games, as well as tinkering with various electronics and LEGOs®.

Brian Crawford at work

Brian Crawford

QA Analyst

Brian claims to have spent all of his free time on computers since he was a child. When he isn’t “wasting his life” playing games, he’s making sure things are working as they should in the office.

Alex Ilhan at work

Alex Ilhan

Senior Email Developer

Hailing all the way from England, Alex brings his email development expertise along with an endless stream of cups of tea and British cynicism.

Leah Craig at work

Leah Craig

Customer Success Manager

Leah brings her background of e-commerce strategy and analytics to the team. Her obsession is email conversion trends. She also enjoys skydiving and Sapporo (just not at the same time).

Ryan Osborne at work

Ryan Osborne

Business Development

Having worked in the email space for 15 years, Ryan brings a customer-focused sales strategy to EOA. Outside of work, you’ll find Ryan hiking in the Rockies with his family and 8 year old lab, Ethyl.

Rachel Girard at work

Rachel Girard

Graphic Designer

Rachel is a pixel pusher who enjoys seeing a well-designed end product. An outdoor enthusiast, she always enjoys a challenge whether it be on a bike, a raft or with her four legged friends.

Andrew Roberts at work

Andrew Roberts

Chief Operations Officer

Andrew strives to build the business while driving efficiencies. When he’s not working, he’s in the mountains with his wife and three kids hiking, flyfishing, running and generally goofing off.

Shweta Raghuwanshi at work

Shweta Raghuwanshi

Product Owner

Shweta enjoys connecting larger business goals and small backlog items. Being a people person, she is a perfect fit for her role as a product owner. She is a traveler at heart and loves exploring new places.

Rubina Basnyat at work

Rubina Basnyat

Customer & Technical Support Specialist

Originally from Nepal, Colorado is home away from home for Rubina. She is an avid Lionel Messi fan and follows soccer religiously just to watch him weave his magic. Experimenting with herbs, spices & creating new recipes gives Rubina immense pleasure when it succeeds.

Geoff Gardner at work

Geoff Gardner

Software Engineer

From laser shooting drones to voice-activated robots that will fetch him a cold one, Geoff has a passion for building cool gadgets and writing code. When not talking tech, he enjoys hiking, reading, and traveling the world.