The auto-process method allows you to send your email directly from your ESP. That means you can preview your email as it will be received by your subscribers. This is the easiest and most accurate way to run a test because all you have to do is hit "send." When we receive your email, we process it automatically and your test results will be available in your dashboard the next time you login.

If you use this method, we auto-process your email using the email clients selected in your account's default email clients list. When your account is created, all clients are selected. You must use absolute references to make sure your images resolve properly.

How do I run an Auto-Process test?
Run this by sending an email from your ESP to your Email on Acid account's "autoprocess" address. You can find your account autoprocess address by clicking on the Results Inbox in the left navigation bar. The address appears just above your lists of tests.

This method will give you the most accurate results because you are sending from your ESP. Any alterations they make will come through via email.

If you are suspicious that your ESP is causing an issue with your renderability, the "Cut/Paste HTML","Enter your URL", or "Upload Zip File" methods can be used to verify. If your results look different from your auto-process test results, your ESP is probably modifying your code.

You can login whenever you want and your test will be completed.

This method is not possible if you don't have access to the sending ESP. If you don't have access to your sending ESP, don't worry, we have other options for you but you might consider sharing this article with the individual responsible for sending the final email, along with a disclaimer!