You can cancel your subscription at any time through your Plan Information page.

  • Log in to your Email on Acid account
  • Click your/your user’s name at the top right
  • From the dropdown list, select ‘Plan Settings’
  • Under ‘Your Plan Details’ click ‘Cancel Subscription’
  • You will be taken to the Cancel Subscription page, where we ask for your reason for canceling
  • 1 month of subscription service will be provided upon cancellation
    • For monthly subscriptions, you will not receive a refund and your service will naturally lapse into suspension at the end of 1 month
    • For annual subscriptions you will be provided with a refund less the cost of 1 standard month of service, and provided active testing service for the equivalent of that single month. If you have already exceeded a month of service, your account will be placed into a suspended state immediately
  • Once canceled your account will still be available to view any available files (Analytics campaigns, Email Editor Projects, and Email/Spam Test records for 90 days from their creation date).