What’s the difference between total and unique opens/clicks?

These metrics help you understand repeat interactions with your email campaign.


Total opens represent the sum total of all opens for the campaign. Unique opens represent the number of unique individuals that opened the email.

For example, if your email is opened by a particular recipient 15 times, that would count towards your totals as 15 total opens and 1 unique open.


Similarly, total clicks represent the sum total of clicks for a campaign. Unique clicks represent the total number of times users clicked on the link for the first time. It does not count additional clicks on the same link by the same user.

For example, if a recipient clicks 10 different links in your email, this counts as 10 unique clicks, and 10 total clicks. If a recipient clicks on the same link 10 times, this counts as one unique click, and 10 total clicks.

Merge Tag Tracking

Using a merge tag increases the accuracy with which we can distinguish total and unique clicks. Without a merge tag, we use IP address to track these numbers. Multiple recipients at the same IP (for example in a corporate office) would all be counted as the same user. By using a Merge Tag, we can track each recipient seperately, even if they share an IP address.

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