Special Features in Campaign Precheck

Once your email has rendered in Campaign Precheck, there are several useful special features for you to explore throughout the workflow. By leveraging these special features, you will ensure that your email is error-free, accessible to all users, and of the highest possible quality. View the following video, or scroll through the document, to learn more.

Viewing source code

  • The source icon (<>) allows you to review your HTML, and any changes, at any point during the precheck process.

View the source code of your email


Blocking images

  • Click on the Images Displayed dropdown menu to view the images in your email or to block the images.
  • When viewing the blocked images, you will be able to see the alt text associated with each image or if there is no alt text present.

View with images blocked or displayed

Note: If any images are missing alt text, the Campaign Precheck accessibility feature allows you to include alt text.

Viewing with a color deficiency

  • The color deficiency dropdown allows you to view the email as an individual with a color deficiency. There are four options for color deficiency – red, green, blue or colorblind.
  • Select the filter you would like to view, and your email will render below. Review the email and determine if there are parts of the email someone with a color deficiency would miss.

View your email as a colorblind individual

Note: If changes need to be made, you can download the final asset from the Campaign Precheck summary page [Link to document] and upload it into the Email Editor [Link to document] to adjust.

Device View

  • On the far right, you may select the device on which you’d like to view your email; desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Select your device view

Note: These special features are available throughout the entire Campaign Precheck process. With each step, we recommend leveraging these tools to review your email.




2 thoughts on “Special Features in Campaign Precheck”

  1. Hi,

    how does the anxiety meter work. i.e. mine is currently saying 100% and the bar is red. Can you please explain what this means?


    1. The anxiety meter is EOA’s take on the progress bar. Frequently when we start to work through the QA process, our send anxiety is high! As we outline the steps in the QA process, the system counts the number of steps you want to work through. As you complete those steps the anxiety meter will become less filled in. When the red disappears altogether, you’ll know you completed the Precheck Workflow and you’re ready to send! Anxiety Free! Keep in mind, the meter is counting workflow steps and not necessarily the sub-steps of each major checkpoint. This means that you’ll see progress between Accessibility and Inbox display, but not within each page that brings you to a “Next” option. Questions – feel free to hit us up at helpdesk@emailonacid.com

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