Special Features in Campaign Precheck

Did you know about some of the special features we’ve included in Campaign Precheck? Download the file below for instructions on how to find and use the toolbar items and Campaign Precheck anxiety meter.

Campaign Precheck is a powerful part of the Email on Acid workflow. It allows you to optimize your email for every subscriber on every platform, even if you don’t know HTML. Plus, it lets you fix any email mistakes directly within the application, so you don’t have to start the QA process over or jump to a different tool.

Click on the link below to download instructions for using Campaign Precheck’s special features:

Download now

2 thoughts on “Special Features in Campaign Precheck”

  1. Hi,

    how does the anxiety meter work. i.e. mine is currently saying 100% and the bar is red. Can you please explain what this means?


    1. The anxiety meter is EOA’s take on the progress bar. Frequently when we start to work through the QA process, our send anxiety is high! As we outline the steps in the QA process, the system counts the number of steps you want to work through. As you complete those steps the anxiety meter will become less filled in. When the red disappears altogether, you’ll know you completed the Precheck Workflow and you’re ready to send! Anxiety Free! Keep in mind, the meter is counting workflow steps and not necessarily the sub-steps of each major checkpoint. This means that you’ll see progress between Accessibility and Inbox display, but not within each page that brings you to a “Next” option. Questions – feel free to hit us up at helpdesk@emailonacid.com

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