How do I run a spam test via my SMTP Server?

If you plan to use your own account to send your final email, this is our recommended option. Simply enter your email account information here so that we can send the test from your SMTP server.

If you are sending from an ESP, this option will still work, but the results may not be as accurate.

This will allow us to test each of the following:

  • Email Server Reputation
  • Sender Email Address
  • Sender IP address
  • Email Server Configuration
  • Email Content and Subject Line
  • IP Blocklisting

You can send your email to this seed list either before or after you submit this test. The seed list will also be available in your test results.

Note: We WILL NOT use this information for any other purpose and it is protected within our privacy policy. We will send your email to our seed list via your SMTP server for this test only. To save this information for next time, select the “Save my Spam Test selections” link on the test start form.

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