How Do I Use Spell Check?

What’s more frustrating than finding a spelling error immediately after hitting send? Not much. This step will check spelling and allow you to correct mistakes in your email title, inbox display, preheader text, alt text and body text. Further, it will locate words that may seem offensive or profane.

  • Access the spellcheck by clicking Next following the previous step in your custom workflow, or you may select Spell Check at the top left side of the page.

How to access spell check

  • The spell check process is summarized on the left side of the screen. Your email will render on the right. To learn about the special features in the right panel, click here To begin click, Next.

Starting Spell Check

  • Review any potential spelling mistakes. You may provide the correct spelling by typing it into the box provided or select from the rendered list. To change, click Change or Change All. To ignore, click Ignore or Ignore All.

Change or Ignore spelling errors

  • Spell check can also identify words that are potentially incorrect, or profane. Make changes in the box provided and click, Change.

Is this the word you meant

Note: the spell check feature can locate hidden misspellings, such as errors in alt-text and preheader text.

  • Once finished, you will see a screen that assures you that your spelling errors have been addressed.

Congrats! Your email doesn't have any spelling errors.

The next step in the recommended workflow is deliverability, to walk through the domain blacklist steps click, here.





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