How can I get the best use out of the Email Editor?

The Email Editor can help streamline your workflow by reducing how many clicks and screen loads testing a single iteration of an email takes.

  • We suggest that you use a workflow like this:
  • Paste in your code as you have it (or start with a new template).
  • Make changes to your code using the design view to guide you.
  • When the design view looks good, switch over to testing view.
  • Make sure the email looks good in all clients that are important to you.
  • If you notice a problem in a client, edit your code to fix the issue and you can then retest in just that one client.
  • Repeat until every client looks great.
  • Run one more test in all email clients to make sure that none of the changes you’ve made adversely affected an email client that looked good before.
  • Export your code and add it to your ESP.
  • Run an autoprocess test to make sure that changes to your code caused by your ESP do not adversely affect layout.

We’d love to hear how you are using the Email Editor, or take note of features you’d like to see. Drop us a line on our contact page with any feedback you have!

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