Email Testing Option – Manual

The quickest way to create an email test is to create it manually copying and pasting your HTML.

  • Click on the ‘Manual’ from your
    dashboard OR Click on ‘Email Testing’ in the left nav. And click on ‘Manual’ Tab
  • Start building your email by
    entering Subject Line and tags – to easily find your emails next time
  • Determine how you want to get the
    content for your email. In most cases users will ‘Cut/Paste HTML’. You may also
    get content from ‘Entering a URL” or ‘Uploading a Zip file’.
  • Of course, if you want to start
    from scratch, check out the Editor
  • Decide if you would like to add a
    Spam Test.
  • Select a subset of eMail clients in
    which you want to preview your email or choose to render in all clients
  • Decide if you would like to include
    a preview of each client with image blocking if available.
  • Run the Email Test which exercises
    all our tools, specifically ‘Code Analysis’, ‘URL Validation’, ‘Link Mapping
    and ‘Mark Up’, together with a rendering of previews across all clients. Review
    the thumbnails, and drill into each client for more details.
  • To revisit your Test and
    corresponding test results, go to ‘Inbox’ at any time.


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