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Yahoo Icons


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Posted: 08 December 2016 12:32 PM

Hello, I am looking at yahoo email client on android and I see icons as marked on the screen shot that I have provided.  How do you insert this icon so that your logo can appear like the ones marked on the screen shot?  Please let me know, thank you

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Alex Ilhan

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Posted: 09 December 2016 03:35 AM
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Hi caimancaguama,

Interesting question! I know of another email developer, James White, who asked this question to Yahoo! themselves.

They said: “You can mouse over the options menu icon and edit the contact card details.”

James then asked: “Thanks for that, most helpful. Is there anything that can be done within an email itself that manipulates the contact picture?”

To which they replied: “I’m sorry, but no.”

If you want to see their full exchange you can do so here:

So, unfortunately, it seems we can’t modify that - if I hear anything different I will let you know!




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Posted: 09 December 2016 08:43 PM
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Thank you, please let me know if you learn different.