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Emails not rendering as previews suggest for iPhone, Android etc


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Posted: 16 November 2016 03:00 AM

I’m having major difficulties with my email rendering to become mobile friendly. I have run tests on unedited templates and I have run tests on my html coded email (using a template originally) and find that each time when I view on Android or iOS or anything other than Outlook, my emails are not reformatting to how the previews and test pages suggest that they will. I have tried using a responsive template and a fluid hybrid template but still nothing is working. I am sending from an Outlook account if this makes a difference. I have attached my coding. I accept that there may be some issues with it as this is the first time I have ever done this however, I really can’t get my head around why an original template wouldn’t work also… I notified Support and they said to try here so here goes!
I will be grateful of all advice.

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Geoff Phillips

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Posted: 16 November 2016 11:22 AM
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Welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately, Outlook does not work very well for sending HTML email. This is why you’re seeing so many issues with the email. Outlook for desktop will use the Word engine to reinterpret your code, breaking most of the responsive code and a lot more.

I would suggest that you consider using an ESP like MailChimp which will allow you to upload HTML and send it with minimal interference.

Let us know if you have any more questions!