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2 column grid with image doesn’t line up only on Outlook 2003


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Posted: 08 November 2016 05:06 AM

I have a two column grid.  one side has some text and an image and the other side has just an image.

On all of my screenshots it lines up perfectly (it equals 600px which is the size of my email body).  On Outlook 2003 there is a strange gap down the right hand side and underneath.  I have set border-collapse, padding is 0, and all of the other Outlooks are playing friendly. 

Has anyone got any ideas?  Ignore the top border in the image that is supposed to be there as it is from the section above.

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Alex Ilhan

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Posted: 08 November 2016 05:22 AM
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Hi SquareBalloonEoin

Welcome back to the EoA forums!

Any chance I could see the code? That’ll help me troubleshoot this issue a lot more effectively.




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Posted: 09 November 2016 05:08 AM
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Sure thing, see here

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VF--deal-01--040.html  (File Size: 45KB - Downloads: 161)