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TD too wide in Android Gmail 6


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Posted: 27 October 2016 04:12 PM

I’m having a couple of persistent issues that I can’t seem to work out the fix for…hopefully someone will have more luck than I have! I’m still relatively new to these responsive designs, so apologies for any newbie mistakes in the code…

I’m working on a responsive email that has a 1 column hero section, and then a 2 column body which stacks to 1 column on mobile. 1 td in the hero section seems to be stretching outside of the rest of the email body ONLY in Android Gmail 6. Additionally, the stacking columns are aligning strangely in Android 5.1 and Android Gmail 6 (zig zagging back and forth rather than centering nicely.

To see how it’s rendering:

HTML is attached.

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