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The best way to separate paragraphs of text?


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Posted: 24 October 2016 07:13 AM

So if I have an email that has multiple paragraphs of text, what is the best way to code them?

1. Using <h1> and tags?

2. Styling the text on the <td> and using
to separate the paragraphs?

3. Putting each paragraph in it’s own <tr><td>?

4. Other


Alex Ilhan

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Posted: 24 October 2016 09:01 AM
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Hi Serif,

Great to see you back on the Email on Acid forums!

Any of these methods will technically work in email, which is one of the joys of developing emails. We always recommend going with the first option. Using <h1> and tags is not only semantically correct, but it’s actually also better for accessibility! Using h1 and p tags means that screen readers have a better time of picking out content.

One thing to remember is you’ll need to set margin:0; on your heading tags in the <head> of your email to avoid different email clients creating different amounts of spacing.

If you’re interested on more spacing techniques in email, I recently published a blog right here on EoA about different spacing techniques:

Hope that helps!