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Android 5.1.0, Gmail App iOS 7 & Android Gmail 6


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Posted: 18 October 2016 11:34 AM

Hey there,

Hope you are well. I’m having a little troubles with my two column table on mobile. specifically Android 5.1.0, Gmail App iOS 7 & Android Gmail 6 :(

On Android 5.1.0, my image is being cut off in mid section. I did a some research for a fix and ran in to the “HTTP vs HTTPS” issue and apply that technique and unfortunately that didn’t work out for me.  And secondly, the image is not centering.

On Gmail App iOS 7 the same two column table its not collapsing into one column so my book images is not center and my social media icons at the footer are not centered.

On Android Gmail 6 I just have these crazy little hairline borders at the top and footer of my email :(

Please help me.
Thanks in advance

Here’s my test results & attach is my dusty html file.

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sp_newsletter_phase1.html  (File Size: 19KB - Downloads: 180)