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Email rendering differently in IOS 9 on iPhone when sent to Inbox vs. direct input in Email Testing area


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Posted: 27 July 2016 10:28 AM

Any ideas why I have a gutter on the left, but not the right when I send an html email test to my EOA inbox vs. direct input via the Email Testing tool or Email Editor?

IOS 8 and other clients I test are fine with the email centered with equal sized gutters on the left and right.  Is the preview from the inbox rendering incorrectly since it works correctly from other places?



Geoff Phillips

Sr. Member
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Posted: 27 July 2016 11:45 AM
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Taking a look at your code, it seems that your ESP is adding a table at the top of your email (just after the opening body tag) that is set to 680 width.

Because this table is not responsive, it may be breaking your responsive behaviors or otherwise causing problems. I have attached the HTML from auto-process as well as the HTML from a manual test.

I think this may account for the difference in how it appears on manual vs. auto-inbox.

File Attachments
mshodgkinson_auto-inbox.html  (File Size: 30KB - Downloads: 254)
mshodgkinson_manual.html  (File Size: 22KB - Downloads: 261)



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Posted: 27 July 2016 12:18 PM
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Thanks.  I appreciate the help tracking it down!  Will look at how it is handling view in browser.



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Posted: 27 July 2016 01:14 PM
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I removed all of the code in the header that gets added at the top, so that it wasn’t affecting the rendering, but it didn’t solve it in EOA. I discovered it does render correctly on an iPhone with IOS9. Would like to get an accurate picture from auto-inbox. Any other suggestions?