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Outlook Desktop Retina Images


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Posted: 22 July 2016 05:55 AM

Hi fellow emailers.

My name is David. I began employing fluid emails, inspired by the free Coffee Ship template EOA so kindly provided. All is great except when I come to retina/doube-sized images in Microsoft Outlook 2007 upwards.

As MO ignores the max-width property, the images display at full width. I’ve read several possible solutions (including ghost tables,) but I just can’t seem to get anything to work?

Defining image width then interferes the fluid 100% property in different windows.

Can anyone help me out, pleeeease!


Geoff Phillips

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Posted: 22 July 2016 12:54 PM
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Welcome to the forum!

I tried replacing an image from the Coffee Shop template with a 2x size image, and I was able to get it to work with no other code changes. The width attribute constrains the size in Outlook and the 100% width style seems to take over in iPhone etc.

<img src="" width="280" alt="" style="border-width:0;width:100%;max-width:280px;height:auto;" /> 

Can you send me a sample of code you’re trying to get working? I’ll see what I can do.



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Posted: 24 July 2016 03:39 PM
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Hi Geoff.

Thanks for the reply! The image I’m targeting has larger dimensions: it’s for the header and the original is about 1000px, resized down to a 640px width.

The code is the coffee shop template’s header image, nothing else has been altered so far. If I fix it at 640px in the width property, the test for Android and iPhone seems to be coming back as that and creating a scroll bar/non-responsive email.



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Posted: 26 July 2016 05:16 AM
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Hi Geoff.

As a follow-up, I think I might have it working. It’s tested okay now with some modifications - I think I had the MSO code in the wrong place. I noticed on testing though that AOL mail rendered the images full-size - do the max-width properties not work for it either?

If not, is there any workaround there?