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Email with embedded images (using URI data).


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Posted: 06 June 2016 12:02 AM

I am experimenting with loading the images for our emails into the email itself using the URI data: command in the src parameter for the Img tag. Your testing results show that “most” mail clients seem to work fine (Apple 9, and Lotus Notes seem to miss out). However when I run the URL validation I get a strange URL for every image (eg) “” (this string is not found in the original html) and also the URL is tagged as “Malformed URL”. Can u explain this?

I am trying to create an email which can be forwarded on by our recipients without the images being lost. Our experience is that somehow and only sometimes images are being pulled into the email as attachments (not inline using the URL data:) by some client or mail server or other and then when forwarded the image is NOT forwarded, resulting in the email being reduced to text plus empty frames.