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Outlook 2010 Table boxes missplaced


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Posted: 01 April 2016 07:26 AM


I’ve been trying out the EOA Resposive Template as a base for a new Template.
Everything works fine, except for the Product Boxes on Outlook 2010.
on Outlook 2010 my product table Boxes, one of the boxes always “jumps” out of the row.

The Content (Images and Text) is generated by XSL. But the Html is static

I attached the “raw” code (with xsl) and the html from online version(onlyhtml).

I would be greatful for some help or maybe tipps.

Thank you alot in advance!

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Outlook2010_boxes_problem.html  (File Size: 15KB - Downloads: 280)
only_html.html  (File Size: 369KB - Downloads: 297)


Geoff Phillips

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Posted: 01 April 2016 11:12 AM
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Welcome to the forum! This one is actually pretty easy. I would recommend that you throw some hybrid or “ghost” tables around the column to force it to behave in Outlook. Check out this blog:

Let us know how it goes!