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Questions about HTML5 video.


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Posted: 29 March 2016 06:11 AM

Hi there, I have a client interested in starting to use HTML5 video within their emails. I have a couple of questions that maybe easy to answer…

1. HTML5 video uses a variety of video formats that require hosting. My client sends millions of emails a month an cannot host the videos on there own website infrastructure. Are there any video file streaming services stream OGG type files etc. I’m not sure that Youtube & Vimeo work as a streaming service for HTML5 video, if they could it would be good as the client has Youtube TV channel.

2. Have EOA got any good examples of HTML5 video being used in emails (I’m aware that video is not widely supported but can use fall back content on incompatible email clients). Is there any good blog examples for reference.

Many thanks for any information regarding my questions, thanks Paul.


Alex Ilhan

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Posted: 29 March 2016 07:17 AM
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Hey Paul!

This is a topic we always see come up and one I really wish we’d see advances in. There’s a LOT of blogs out there covering this subject but I think we’re still running under the same support where we don’t have enough support to justify actually using HTML5 video in email.

My personal suggestion is to capture a still image from a video and link it in the email to an externally hosted video service. Youtube and Vimeo are both suggestions as you’ve mentioned but you could also take a look at Wistia here:

If you have any other questions just let me know, I’d be happy to answer!