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Cell Height issue in Outlook 2013


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Posted: 29 January 2014 09:06 PM

Howdy all,

This email looks fine in all clients except Outlook 2013.

The problem surrounds a 600px x 11px image called StripedDivider.jpg.

I’m not really sure if the problem is the image, the cell, the row or the table. I’ve tried several suggestions found at EOA, Mailchimp, etc. and at least have managed to contain the problem to only 2013. ‘07 and ‘10 did present a similar problem when I originally coded this.

So, the problem is that there appears to be extra height on the cell that contains this image. Or maybe there is some kind of margin forced on the image or padding on the cell by 2013’s rendering engine. You can see the extra height I’m talking about because of the #999999 background color underneath it.

I would really appreciate some help in solving this little mystery.

Here’s the URL to access the code and I’ve attached screenshots of ‘07 rendering correctly and ‘13 not correctly.

Thanks for any help or advice.

Image Attachments



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Posted: 22 April 2014 05:52 PM
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you can review the actual html in the email.  Doubleclick on the email, then go to Actions in the ribbon bar, then click on “Other Actions”, then “View Source”. This is the actual code rendered by Outlook.



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Posted: 12 June 2014 06:36 PM
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Thanks, Fred! I didn’t know that and will use that in the future.

On a happy note, I seem to have found my solution.

mso-line-height-rule:exactly !important;

Adding the !important seems to have done the trick!
And it appears to not have mucked up the other clients!



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Posted: 28 February 2017 04:41 AM
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