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class: column and columns

Le Monde Interactif

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Posted: 21 January 2014 02:39 PM

Hi, I use “Ink 1.05” and I saw :

table[class="body".column {
-layoutfixed !important;
floatnone !important;
width100% !important;
padding-right0px !important;
padding-left0px !important;
displayblock !important;

="body".wrapper.first .columns,
table[class="body".wrapper.first .column {
table !important;

="body"] table.columns td,
table[class="body"] table.column td {
100% !important;

table[class="body".column { width8.333333% !important}
="body".columns td.two,
table[class="body".column td.two { width16.666666% !important}
="body".columns td.three,
table[class="body".column td.three { width25% !important}
="body".columns td.four,
table[class="body".column td.four { width33.333333% !important}
="body".columns td.five,
table[class="body".column td.five { width41.666666% !important}
="body".columns td.six,
table[class="body".column td.six { width50% !important

Why to use 2 class for the same results ?
I would know what’s utily of the second class “column” who have the same attribut of the first .



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Posted: 09 February 2017 03:25 AM
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Try using a nested class instead of this. In a nested class, the point that you are trying to make will get omitted.

Bhuvanesh Virani
Adreno Technologies Reviews