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iPhone/iPad rendering: This message is only partially downloaded


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Posted: 06 June 2013 09:57 AM


We are a marketing software company, and we have an email marketing application that uses Email on Acid as a third-party plugin for our Inbox Preview feature.

This enables access to the typical Email on Acid interface (Summary and Email Previews tabs), where a user can click through the various preview thumbnails for a larger view.

We consistently have a problem with the renderings for:

- iPad 5.0
- iPhone 4S (iOS 5)
- iPhone 4S (iOS 6)
- iPhone 5 (iOS 6.1)

Attached screenshot. Nothing is returned, save the line ‘This message is only partially downloaded’. Obviously what compounds this issue is that the ‘Download remaining’ tab is inactive.

The rendering for iPad Gmail is fine. Content appears.

So, have you come across this before / is it a wider issue? (It’s similar to another support ticket I’ve seen: “iPhone Results Not Displaying”)

Is email template / email size contributing?
Is there a known Apple / iPhone, iPad bug affecting Email on Acid?

Please let me know what else you need from me, if you feel you can help out.



Geoff Phillips

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Posted: 06 June 2013 02:02 PM
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Hi James,
I’m sorry if that’s been giving you trouble. The good news is yes, this is a known iOS bug. Check out our blog on the subject here: Essentially, this is an IMAP/POP issue. To fix this, you’ll need to find the CreateTest API call, and modify the <ios_fix> variable. Check out the API documentation below for more information on that. We provide both options so that customers will know that their email may be cut off.

Please let me know if you have any questions!



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Posted: 13 June 2013 09:08 AM
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Thanks for this Geoff. I’ve sent this information on to our developers.