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All images return an error


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Posted: 17 October 2012 01:05 AM

I’m trying Mozify and all of my images have the red shading. The mouseover indicates that I cannot create mosaics because the width and height have not been defined, but it has. I haven’t figured out where to find documentation or help files…


Michelle Klann

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Posted: 19 October 2012 03:38 PM
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Thanks for posting to our forum!  This issue was resolved by our help desk but just in case someone else experiences the same thing, I will keep your question in our forum as well.

The reason each of her images were appearing red is because she was using relative references.  Mozify requires the use of absolute references.

In order to ‘Mozify’ an image, we run a cross check to ensure that you are using the correct width and height in your HTML source. In this case, our system was unable to find each of the images. 

If we get enough requests, we will consider adding support for relative references but users would have to upload a zip file or provide a URL.

Cheers and happy testing!