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Outlook 2010 - long vertical email problem


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Posted: 07 September 2012 03:30 PM

I have had this problem in one specific recurring email that we send out monthly. It’s a very tall email (creative PSD is over 2700px tall), so when I was reading this part of the Responsys Email Design and Coding Recommendations, I knew it was related:

“Be careful of very long emails (over 1,800 pixels). Due to Outlook 2007 and 2010’s dependency on the Word rendering engine and its page-break feature, it will create gaps in sections of the code around the 1,800-pixel mark. Depending on the coding context, the issue can sometimes be resolved, and sometimes not without completely recoding the HTML file from scratch.”

I was wondering what steps you would recommend taking to attempt to resolve this issue. I am trying to get a screencap of one sent to me, and when I get it I will share it.

But I would appreciate any information that anyone has to share.

Thanks in advance!

Edited: I now know the problem is this:

I’ve tried the fixes I could but nothing worked. The layout HAS to be vertical.


Michelle Klann

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Posted: 10 September 2012 04:21 AM
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Yup, here’s an article on that one:

Outlook Spacing

Unfortunately it’s not a super easy fix but at least this gives you something to try.