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Sending a XHTML email to MS Entourage works but sending it to WL Hotmail it doesn’t


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Posted: 16 July 2010 10:27 PM

I am creating a xhtml email for a client.

My plan is to use MS Entoruage to send it to the client. Inside MS Entourage I have created an account with a header ‘content-type’ and value ‘text/html’. I copy and pasted the xhtml code into a new email, use the modified account and send it to myself. Perfect, all visuals are present and it looks brilliant. The same can be said for previewing it in Safari and Firefox.

However there is a problem. When I email it to one of my other accounts on Windows Live Hotmail and friends accounts all that I and they receive is the xhtml code.  The same can be said for other packages like Thunderbird where all I receive is code and not the html visual I created.

I have used your wonderful free ‘run an acid test’ and the MS office preview is good but why doesn’t it work when I actually send it myself using my own email software. Please say there must be some code which I am missing.

Of course if I have to pay for this professional advice i will i.e. buy credits. I just want to work out what on earth is going wrong.

Any suggestions?

Yours Ben