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Please display the acid test Subject *somewhere* on the Test Summary screen


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Posted: 12 December 2011 10:47 PM

This seems like a huge oversight and a simple fix as well. I run a lot of test and then subsequent re-tests. Nowhere on the Test Summary screen does it display the current email test’s Subject. It’s so easy to lose track of which version I’m looking at, especially if the changes in the re-test were minor. I have to exit back out to the Dashboard and then click that acid test’s View Test Result link and then wait for (your Flash animation and) the results to load.

There’s a LOT of empty real estate on the Test Summary screen that could be used to display a small line of text: THE EMAIL SUBJECT.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this obvious feature request, but I couldn’t find where else to.




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Posted: 20 February 2012 05:05 PM
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Thanks for adding this!


Michelle Klann

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Posted: 20 February 2012 05:45 PM
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No problem!  Thanks for the suggestion smile