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iOS Gmail app and superscript characters


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Posted: 28 November 2017 09:44 AM

For years I have been using the virtually bullet proof method for superscript copy in emails, for eexample

<sup class="sup" style="font-size:7px;line-height:0;vertical-align:4px;" >®</sup

However, recently in the Gmail iOS app on iOS 10 capture here on EOA, these superscript “®” are now appearing huge, nearly 4 times larger than the copy and rendering in a a shade of blue with no underline.

The shade of blue does not match any hex in the CSS, default hyperlink blue, or default link coloring. 

I can’t figure out exactly what is happening here.  Anyone come across this before and know how to fix it?

I have attempted replacing the sup tag with a span tag thinking that some style might be being applied to the tag specifically, but that made no difference.



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Posted: 28 November 2017 10:12 AM
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Digging around a little more I have found that that the inline styling or sup/span tag are not the root cause of this issue. 

Gmail appears to be altering ® and ©, and if they appear in the middle of a line of copy without any styling the result is the same.

So far playing with ® and ® makes no difference, the same result.  Same with Copyright symbol apparently.


Alex Ilhan

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Posted: 29 November 2017 08:02 AM
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Hi Chris,

Google (in their ever-infinite wisdom) have decided to make this change in Gmail on iOS. We’re under the impression that it is not going to be a long-term thing and they are going to be reverting it shortly.

In the mean time, we wrote a great blog about how to reset these:

Hope that helps!