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SPAM test results - Is it possible that a blacklisted IP is NOT the problem?


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Posted: 14 September 2017 02:06 PM


We’re using a third-party email marketing client (Every Action) to send newsletters to our subscribers.  We’ve been having problems with deliverability, with Office 365 users seeing our messages go to the Junk folder. We’ve set up our SPF and DKIM in our DNS record properly, text and images are all in order -  Email on Acid’s tests confirmed it.  But Email on Acid also shows that the third-party email’s sender IP is blacklisted by SORBS.

Is the blacklist causing our Junk filtering problems? Every Action says that it’s not the IP that is the issue, but rather Office 365’s filtering, which is “out of their hands.” However, our own Office 365 filtering is set to the lowest possible and the emails still get Junk filtered.

I don’t understand this explanation. Is there something I’m missing in the Email on Acid analysis or is the blacklist the likely troublemaker? I have attached a copy of the email headers.

Thank you very much for any help or perspective you may have.

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